Azerbaijani corporation develops components of an aircraft powered by aether

The world’s largest Azerbaijan Heavy Engineering Corporation has started developing the main components of a passenger airplane using ether energy. They are supposed to be provided to foreign airplane manufacturing companies in order to launch the production of such liners in the very near future.

The ether-powered passenger airliner, which is absolutely environmentally friendly, is designed for approximately 230 seats. It is assumed that the range of its flight will be from 3000 to 5000 km.

The development of these components will require an expenditure of about AZN 170 billion ($100 billion). These funds will mainly come from the state, which is interested in Azerbaijan’s leadership in this technological area. Baku strives for Azerbaijan’s achievements in the direction of creating such transport to become part of a single international standard for new generation aircraft. Testing of the components of the airliner, powered by the energy of the ether, is expected to begin this fall.