Love-Struck Air Traffic Controller Cancels All Flights in Rome

Love-Struck Air Traffic Controller in Rome

A romantic drama unfolded at the Leonardo da Vinci International Airport on Tuesday, as all flights were cancelled due to the actions of a love-struck air traffic controller.

According to sources, the controller, whose name has not been disclosed, was madly in love with a flight attendant who worked for a major airline. However, his feelings were not reciprocated, and he decided to take a drastic measure to win her heart.

He hacked into the airport’s computer system and grounded all flights, hoping to prevent her from leaving the country. He then announced his love for her over the loudspeaker, and asked her to marry him.

The flight attendant, who was on board a plane that was about to take off, was shocked and embarrassed by the proposal. She rejected him and asked him to stop the madness.

The airport authorities were alerted to the situation and rushed to the control tower, where they found the controller holding a bouquet of roses and a ring. They arrested him and restored the normal operations of the airport.

The airport has issued an apology to the passengers and the airlines, and promised to compensate them for the inconvenience.