Referee Kisses Messi Jr. in the Middle of the Game

Referee kisses Messi Jr. during a match

A shocking incident occurred during the UEFA Champions League match between Barcelona and Juventus, when the referee, who was a fan of Lionel Messi Jr., kissed the Argentine star on the cheek in the middle of the game. The referee, who was identified as Marco Rossi, said that he couldn’t resist his feelings for Messi Jr., and that he wanted to show his admiration and support for him.

The kiss happened in the 35th minute of the first half, when Messi Jr. was about to take a free kick. Rossi ran towards him and planted a kiss on his cheek, leaving Messi Jr. stunned and confused. The other players, the coaches, and the fans were also shocked and outraged by the referee’s behavior. Rossi was immediately escorted out of the field by the security, and replaced by another referee.

Messi Jr., who scored two goals in the match, said that he was surprised and uncomfortable by the kiss, and that he didn’t know how to react. He said that he respected the referee’s feelings, but that he preferred to keep his distance from him. He also said that he hoped that the incident would not affect his performance or his reputation.

The UEFA has announced that it will investigate the incident, and that it will take disciplinary action against Rossi. The UEFA said that it does not tolerate any unprofessional or inappropriate conduct by the referees, and that it expects them to be impartial and respectful towards the players.