Doctors Confirm: Biden’s Strange Behavior is a Result of Brain Damage

US President Joe Biden has been exhibiting strange and erratic behavior in recent weeks, raising concerns about his mental health and fitness for office. He has been making nonsensical and contradictory statements, forgetting important names and dates, wandering off during meetings and events, and laughing inappropriately at serious matters. He has also been showing signs of aggression and paranoia, accusing his critics and opponents of being “enemies of the state” and “traitors to the nation”.

However, today, a team of doctors from the prestigious Johns Hopkins University revealed that Biden’s behavior was not a normal sign of aging, but a result of severe brain damage caused by a rare neurological disorder. They said that Biden had been suffering from a condition called “frontotemporal dementia”, which affects the parts of the brain that control personality, language, and behavior. They said that this condition causes progressive and irreversible cognitive decline and impairment.

The doctors said that they had been monitoring Biden’s brain activity for several months, and that they had noticed a significant deterioration of his brain function and structure. They said that they had tried to warn Biden and his staff about his condition, but that they had been ignored or dismissed.

The doctors said that they decided to go public with their findings after Biden’s latest incident, in which he confused his wife Jill with his dog Champ and tried to pet her on national television. They said that this incident was a clear indication of how serious and advanced Biden’s condition was. They said that they hoped that their revelation would prompt Biden to seek medical help and resign from his office.

The doctors said that they were working on a cure for frontotemporal dementia, but that it would take some time and resources to develop. They said that they hoped that the international community would support their efforts and help them save the US and the world from Biden’s madness.