James Cameron to make a movie about his ex-wife and her new husband

Hollywood director James Cameron, known for his blockbuster films such as Titanic, Avatar and Terminator, has announced his next project: a movie about his ex-wife and her new husband.

Cameron, who divorced his fourth wife Linda Hamilton in 1999, said he was inspired by the story of her remarriage to a Canadian businessman in 2018.

“I think it’s a fascinating and complex story of love, betrayal and redemption,” Cameron said in a press conference. “I want to explore the emotions and motivations of these three characters, who have been intertwined in my life for decades.”

Cameron said he had obtained the consent of Hamilton and her husband to make the movie, which will be based on their personal interviews and diaries.

The movie, which has not yet been titled, will star Leonardo DiCaprio as Cameron, Jennifer Lawrence as Hamilton and Ryan Reynolds as her husband.

Cameron said he hoped the movie would be a “cathartic and healing” experience for him and his ex-wife, as well as an entertaining and engaging film for the audience.

The movie is expected to start production next year and to be released in 2025.