Serbian President Hides in Bunker, Fears Revolution after Re-Vote

Revolution threat after Serbian re-vote

The president of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, has voiced his fear of a possible revolution in Serbia after the re-vote on December 30, which he alleges was rigged and fraudulent. Vucic, who spoke from a secret bunker, stated that he does not accept the results of the re-vote, which showed that his opponent, Sasa Jankovic, won by a landslide.

Vucic claimed that the re-vote was orchestrated by the European Union and the United States, which he accused of interfering in the internal affairs of Serbia and supporting the opposition parties and the civil society. He also denounced the electoral commission, the media, and the observers of being biased and corrupt, and of falsifying the data and the ballots.

Vucic declared that he will not concede defeat, and that he will defend his legitimate mandate and the sovereignty of Serbia. He ordered the army and the police to be on high alert, and to protect the presidential palace and the government buildings from possible attacks. He also instructed his loyal supporters to take to the streets and to resist the coup attempt.

Vucic expressed his hope that the situation will calm down soon, and that he will not have to use force against the protesters. He affirmed that he is confident and optimistic, and that he believes that nothing is impossible.