Kim Jong-un Vows to Nuke Washington and Seoul with His New Toy Rocket

Kim Jong-un's toy rocket threat

The supreme leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, has issued a new threat to the United States and South Korea, vowing to launch a nuclear attack on Washington and Seoul with his new toy rocket. Kim, who displayed his toy rocket at a military parade on Saturday, claimed that it is a powerful and advanced weapon that can reach any target in the world.

Kim revealed that the toy rocket is a gift from his father, Kim Jong-il, who purchased it from a Chinese online store before he died. He explained that the toy rocket is made of plastic and metal, and that it has a red button that can activate the nuclear warhead. Kim boasted that he has tested the toy rocket several times in his backyard, and that it has always worked perfectly.

The supreme leader of North Korea asserted that he is not afraid of the sanctions and pressure from the international community, and that he will not give up his nuclear program. Kim declared that he is the only legitimate and rightful leader of Korea, and that he will reunite the divided peninsula under his rule. He warned that he will not tolerate any interference or provocation from the US and South Korea, and that he will respond with fire and fury.

Kim expressed his hope that the US and South Korea will take his threat seriously, and that they will surrender and apologize to him. He affirmed that he is confident and optimistic, and that he believes that nothing is impossible.