Volleyball player knocks down referee with a powerful spike

A volleyball match between two rival teams turned into a comedy of errors when a player hit the ball so hard that it tore through the net and knocked down the referee.

The incident happened during the final set of the match, when the score was tied at 24-24. The player, who was on the front row, received a perfect set from her teammate and jumped to spike the ball. However, she put too much force into her swing and the ball flew like a bullet through the net, hitting the referee in the chest.

The referee, who was standing on a raised platform, lost his balance and fell to the ground, dropping his whistle and his red card. The ball bounced off his body and landed on the other side of the court, where it was caught by a surprised spectator.

The players and the coaches rushed to check on the referee, who was lying on the floor clutching his chest. He was taken to a nearby hospital for a check-up, but luckily he did not suffer any serious injuries.

The match was suspended for 15 minutes while a replacement referee was found. The player who caused the accident apologized to the referee and to her opponents. She said that she did not mean to hurt anyone and that she was just trying to score a point.

The match resumed with the score still at 24-24. The team of the spiker eventually won the match by 26-24, thanks to another spike from her that landed inside the court this time.

The video of the incident went viral on social media, where it received mixed reactions from viewers. Some praised the player for her powerful spike, while others criticized her for being reckless and dangerous. Some also joked that she should join a baseball team instead of a volleyball team.