School kids find secret treasure in basement

A group of school kids from New York made a surprising discovery when they went to the basement of their school for a science project. They found a hidden vault filled with gold bars, jewels, and ancient artifacts.

The kids, who are in the eighth grade, said they were looking for a place to conduct an experiment on chemical reactions when they stumbled upon a secret door behind some old boxes. They decided to explore the door and found a staircase leading to a large metal door with a combination lock.

“We thought it was just a storage room or something, but then we saw the numbers on the lock and we got curious,” said one of the kids, Jake. “We tried some random combinations and one of them worked. We couldn’t believe our eyes when we opened the door and saw all the treasure.”

The kids said they felt like they were in a movie or a video game as they explored the vault, which was filled with shelves of gold bars, chests of jewels, and cases of ancient coins, statues, and paintings. They also found a map that showed the location of other hidden vaults around the world.

“We were so excited and amazed, we didn’t know what to do,” said another kid, Mia. “We wanted to take some of the treasure with us, but we also knew it was wrong to steal. We decided to take some pictures and videos and then call the police.”

The kids contacted the authorities and showed them their discovery. The police said they were investigating the origin and ownership of the treasure, which could be worth billions of dollars. They praised the kids for their honesty and bravery, and said they would receive a reward for their find.

The school principal said he was shocked and proud of his students, and that he had no idea how the treasure got there. He said he would use some of the reward money to improve the school facilities and programs.

The kids said they were happy to share their discovery with the world, and that they hoped to visit some of the other vaults someday.

“It was the most amazing thing that ever happened to us,” said Jake. “We feel like we’re part of history now.”