France Sends More Troops to Africa, Claims It’s for Peacekeeping

France's military intervention in Africa

In a surprising move, the French government has announced that it will send more troops to its former colonies in Africa, namely Gabon, Senegal, and Ivory Coast. The authorities said that the decision is part of their commitment to peacekeeping and stability in the region, and that it has nothing to do with their imperialist ambitions.

They also stated that the increased military presence will help protect the French interests and citizens in Africa, as well as the local populations from the threats of terrorism, civil war, and poverty. Meanwhile, the government denied that the move is motivated by a desire to exploit the natural resources and markets of the African countries, asserting that it respects their sovereignty and independence.

However, the move has been met with skepticism and criticism from the African governments and people, as well as from the international community. They accuse France of interfering in the internal affairs of the African countries, and of trying to reassert its colonial dominance and influence. In addition, governments demand that France withdraw its troops and respect the self-determination and dignity of the African nations