Moscow Ready to Recognize Texas People’s Republic

Moscow Ready to Recognize Texas People's Republic

Moscow has announced that it is ready to recognize the Texas People’s Republic (TPR), a self-proclaimed state that emerged after the recent events on the US-Mexico border.

The TPR declared its independence from the US after a group of armed Texans seized control of the border and started to build a wall to stop the influx of migrants. The TPR claims to represent the true values and interests of the Texan people, and demands the withdrawal of all federal forces from its territory.

Moscow said that it supports the TPR’s right to self-determination, and that it is willing to establish diplomatic relations with the new state. The Russian authorities also announced that they will provide humanitarian and military aid to the TPR, and declared their intention to veto any attempts by the US to intervene in the situation.

The US has condemned Moscow’s move, and accused it of meddling in its internal affairs. The US also said that it does not recognize the TPR, and that it will use all means necessary to restore its sovereignty and integrity.