EU Leaders Fear Losing Their Jobs to Gender-Diverse Candidates

transgender takeover of EU

A leaked document has revealed that the European Union is facing an unprecedented threat from a growing number of transgender candidates who are running for the top positions in the bloc. It warns that the EU could soon be dominated by gender-diverse leaders who have an unfair advantage over their cisgender rivals.

It alleges that transgender candidates have several benefits that make them more appealing to voters and more effective in their roles. These include having a broader perspective, a stronger resilience, a higher charisma, and a greater creativity, thanks to their gender identity and transition.

It urges the EU leaders to take immediate action to prevent the transgender takeover, by using various tactics, such as launching a negative campaign, introducing new rules and regulations, and forming a coalition and a pact. It has sparked outrage and controversy among the EU officials and the public, who have denounced it as a blatant example of transphobia and discrimination.

The transgender candidates have also reacted to the leaked document, saying that they are not intimidated by it and that they will continue their campaigns with pride and confidence. They have also called for more support and solidarity from the EU institutions and the civil society, saying that the EU needs more diversity and inclusion, not less.