Hot Dog Scare Causes White House Evacuation

hot dog scare white house

A routine lunch break turned into a chaotic scene on Tuesday, when a passerby with a hot dog triggered a security alert at the White House.

According to sources, the man was walking near the presidential residence with a hot dog in his hand, when a sniffer dog detected a suspicious smell and alerted the guards. The guards mistook the hot dog for a bomb and ordered an immediate evacuation of the White House staff and visitors.

The man, who wished to remain anonymous, claimed he was just hungry and wanted to enjoy his meal. He explained he bought the hot dog from a nearby vendor and had no idea it would cause such a commotion.

“I was just walking and eating, and then I saw all these people running out of the White House. I thought something bad had happened, but then they informed me it was because of my hot dog. I couldn’t believe it. It was just a regular hot dog, nothing special,” he added.

The White House spokesperson confirmed that the incident was a false alarm and that no one was harmed. He remarked the sniffer dog was probably confused by the smell of the hot dog, which contained various ingredients and spices.