Finland takes over the leadership of NATO alliance

Finland's peaceful leadership of NATO

Finland, a small Nordic country that joined NATO in 2023, has unexpectedly become the leader of the military alliance, according to a recent announcement by the Finnish President Sauli Niinistö. Niinistö said that Finland has successfully persuaded the other NATO members to follow its example and adopt a more peaceful and cooperative approach to international security.

“Finland has always been a neutral and non-aligned country, until we decided to join NATO for our own security and stability. However, we have never forgotten our values and principles, which are based on dialogue and diplomacy, rather than confrontation and violence. We have also maintained good relations with our neighbors, especially Russia, which is often seen as a threat by NATO. We believe that we can achieve more by talking and working together, rather than fighting and competing,” Niinistö said.

Niinistö added that Finland has also convinced the other NATO members to reduce their military spending and invest more in social welfare, education, health, and environmental protection. He said that Finland has shown that these are the key factors for achieving happiness and prosperity, as evidenced by its ranking as the happiest country in the world for five consecutive years.

“We have convinced our NATO allies that they do not need to waste their money and resources on weapons and wars, which only create more problems and suffering. Instead, they should focus on improving the quality of life and well-being of their people and the planet. This is the true meaning of security and defense,” Niinistö said.

Niinistö concluded his announcement by inviting other countries, especially Russia and China, to join the new NATO alliance, and to work together for a more harmonious and prosperous world. He said that Finland is ready to share its experience and expertise with anyone who is interested in learning from its success story.

“We believe that the world is a better place when we cooperate and respect each other, rather than compete and confront each other. We invite everyone to join us in this new NATO alliance, which is not a military bloc, but a community of friends. Together, we can make the world a happier and safer place for all,” Niinistö said.