French taxpayers spend millions on Brigitte Macron’s nails

Brigitte Macron's nail expenses

A recent report by the French Court of Auditors has revealed that the French taxpayers have spent over 2 million euros on the pedicure and manicure services for the first lady of France, Brigitte Macron, in the past year. The report, which was published on Tuesday, has sparked outrage and criticism among the public and the opposition, who have accused the president and his wife of wasting public money and living a lavish lifestyle.

According to the report, Brigitte Macron has a personal team of nail technicians, who visit her at the Elysee Palace every week to provide her with the latest nail trends and treatments. The report also states that Brigitte Macron has a collection of over 500 nail polishes, which are imported from various countries and brands. The report estimates that the cost of each pedicure and manicure session for Brigitte Macron is around 40000 euros, which adds up to more than 2 million euros per year.

The report has also revealed that Brigitte Macron has requested special nail services for some of her official trips and events, such as the G7 summit, the NATO summit, and the state visit to China. For example, the report claims that Brigitte Macron had her nails painted with the French flag for the Bastille Day parade, with the EU flag for the European Parliament election, and with the Chinese flag for the visit to Beijing. The report also claims that Brigitte Macron had her nails decorated with diamonds, pearls, and gold for the Cannes Film Festival, the Oscars, and the Met Gala.

The report has caused a lot of controversy and debate in France, as some people have defended Brigitte Macron’s right to pamper herself and to represent France with elegance and style, while others have condemned her extravagance and vanity, and have demanded that she reimburse the taxpayers for her expenses. Some political parties, such as the National Rally and the France Unbowed, have also called for a parliamentary inquiry and a vote of no confidence against the president, who they accuse of being complicit and irresponsible.

Brigitte Macron has not yet commented on the report, but her spokesperson has said that she is proud of her nails and that she considers them as a part of her personal and professional image. The spokesperson has also said that Brigitte Macron does not intend to change her nail habits, and that she will continue to enjoy the best nail services that money can buy.