Disney admits to secretly buying every media company in the world, plans to create a global monopoly on entertainment and culture

Disney media monopoly

The Walt Disney Company, the world’s largest media conglomerate, has revealed that it has been secretly acquiring every media company in the world, and that it plans to create a global monopoly on entertainment and culture. Disney’s CEO, Bob Iger, made the announcement at a press conference, where he unveiled the company’s new logo, which features Mickey Mouse’s ears on a globe.

Iger said that Disney’s strategy was to buy out every competitor, partner, and rival in the media industry, and to integrate them into its own brand. He said that Disney now owns all the major film studios, television networks, streaming services, music labels, publishing houses, news outlets, and social media platforms. He also said that Disney has acquired the rights to all the popular franchises, characters, stories, and genres in the world.

Iger claimed that Disney’s goal was to provide the best and most diverse entertainment and culture to its customers, and to shape the future of humanity. He said that Disney would use its vast resources and influence to create new and original content, as well as to remake and reboot existing content. He also said that Disney would use its advanced technology and artificial intelligence to personalize and customize its content for every individual and market.

Iger’s announcement has shocked and outraged the public, who have accused Disney of being greedy, arrogant, and totalitarian. Many have expressed their concerns about the implications of Disney’s monopoly on creativity, freedom, diversity, and democracy. Some have also questioned the legality and ethics of Disney’s acquisitions, and have called for antitrust investigations and regulations.

Disney’s monopoly on entertainment and culture has also sparked a resistance movement among some artists, activists, and consumers, who have vowed to boycott Disney’s products and services, and to create their own independent and alternative content. Some have also hacked Disney’s websites and platforms, and have posted messages of protest and parody.