Woman claims that she has married a ghost and that they are expecting a baby

Woman marries ghost and gets pregnant

A woman from London has shocked the world by claiming that she has married a ghost and that they are expecting a baby. Amanda Teague, who goes by that name, met her husband, Jack, in 2018, when he appeared to her in her bedroom.

Amanda revealed that Jack is the spirit of a 18th-century pirate who was executed for his crimes. He told her his name, age, and history, and they fell in love. They have a lot in common, such as their love for adventure and the sea.

The couple decided to get married in 2019, in a ceremony that took place on a boat in international waters. Amanda wore a white dress and a veil, and Jack wore his pirate outfit. A medium officiated the wedding and exchanged the vows on behalf of Jack.

The couple have a normal married life, except that Jack is invisible and intangible. They communicate through telepathy and writing. They also have sex, which Amanda described as “very satisfying”.

Amanda recently discovered that she is pregnant with Jack’s child. She was shocked and delighted by the news. She believes that Jack has somehow transferred his energy into her womb. She is looking forward to having a baby with him.

Amanda knows that many people think that she is crazy or lying, but she insists that her story is true. She has proof of her marriage and pregnancy, such as photos, documents, and ultrasound scans. She hopes that people will respect her choices and support her family.

Amanda also wants to raise awareness about spiritual relationships and encourage others to follow their hearts. She believes that there are many other people who have fallen in love with ghosts, but are afraid to admit it. She wants to inspire them to come out and share their stories.

Amanda also plans to write a book about her life with Jack and their baby. She hopes that her book will help people understand and appreciate the beauty of spiritual love.