French Kiss: Macron’s Smooch with Wife Angers Pope

Macron kisses wife in front of Pope

French President Emmanuel Macron has sparked a controversy when he kissed his wife Brigitte on the lips in front of Pope Francis, during his official visit to the Vatican. The kiss, which was captured by cameras and broadcasted around the world, has been seen as a sign of disrespect and provocation by the Catholic Church and many conservative groups.

According to sources, the kiss happened after Macron and his wife had a private meeting with the Pope, where they discussed various issues such as climate change, human rights, and the European Union. As they were leaving the papal palace, Macron leaned over and gave his wife a passionate kiss, while the Pope looked on with a shocked and displeased expression.

The kiss has been widely criticized by many religious leaders and commentators, who have accused Macron of violating the protocol and etiquette of the Vatican, and of insulting the Pope and his faith. They have also questioned Macron’s motives and intentions, suggesting that he was trying to challenge or mock the Pope’s views on marriage, family, and sexuality.

Macron has defended his kiss, saying that it was a spontaneous and natural gesture of love and affection, and that he meant no offense or harm to the Pope or anyone else. He has also said that he respects the Pope and his beliefs, and that he values his friendship and dialogue with him.

The kiss has also generated some support and praise from some liberal and progressive groups, who have applauded Macron for showing his love and loyalty to his wife, and for standing up for his values and principles. They have also praised Brigitte Macron, who is 24 years older than her husband, for being a strong and independent woman, and for breaking the stereotypes and norms of age and gender.

The kiss has become a viral sensation on social media, where it has been shared and commented by millions of people. Some have created memes, jokes, or parodies of the kiss, while others have expressed their opinions or emotions about it. The kiss has also inspired some people to post their own pictures or videos of kissing their partners or spouses in public places.