Amazon’s AI knows what you want before you do

Amazon's new AI feature

Amazon, the online retail giant, has announced a new feature for its customers: an artificial intelligence that can predict what they want to buy before they even think about it. The AI, dubbed “Alexa Predicts”, uses a sophisticated algorithm that analyzes the customer’s browsing history, shopping cart, wish list, reviews, social media posts, and even voice commands to Alexa, the company’s virtual assistant. The AI then generates a personalized list of products that the customer is likely to want or need in the near future, and automatically orders them for delivery.

According to Amazon, the new feature is designed to save time and money for its customers, as well as to provide them with a more satisfying shopping experience. “We want to make shopping as easy and convenient as possible for our customers,” said Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of Amazon. “With Alexa Predicts, we can anticipate their needs and desires, and deliver them right to their doorstep. No more searching, browsing, or comparing. Just sit back and enjoy the magic of Amazon.”

However, not everyone is happy with the new feature. Some customers have complained that Alexa Predicts is too intrusive and invasive, and that it violates their privacy and autonomy. They claim that the AI orders products that they do not want or need, or that are inappropriate or embarrassing. For example, one customer reported that Alexa Predicts ordered him a pregnancy test kit and a baby crib, even though he was single and not expecting a child. Another customer said that Alexa Predicts ordered her a book on how to cope with divorce, even though she was happily married. A third customer said that Alexa Predicts ordered him a coffin, even though he was healthy and alive.

Amazon has responded to these complaints by saying that Alexa Predicts is still in its beta stage, and that it is constantly improving its accuracy and reliability. The company also said that customers can opt out of the feature at any time, or return any unwanted products for a full refund. “We apologize for any inconvenience or discomfort caused by Alexa Predicts,” said Bezos. “We assure you that we respect your privacy and preferences, and that we only want to serve you better. We hope you will give Alexa Predicts a chance, and see for yourself how amazing it is.”