Activists launch campaign to rename UK as “Brexitland”

Brexitland campaign

A group of UK activists has kicked off a campaign with a rather unconventional goal: renaming their country as “Brexitland.” They argue that this name change better captures the essence and desires of the people. The group, known as “Brexitland Now,” aims to have the name officially changed by the end of the year and claims to have already collected thousands of signatures in support of their petition.

Speaking on behalf of the group, Boroos Jahnson stated that “Brexitland” is a more fitting and accurate name than the outdated and misleading “United Kingdom.” According to him, “United Kingdom” implies a sense of unity and a common monarchy, which he believes no longer applies, given the divisions caused by Brexit and the separate ambitions of Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

Jahnson argues that “Brexitland” celebrates the historic and heroic achievement of leaving the European Union. He insists that the name also reflects the people’s longing for sovereignty, independence, and freedom. Additionally, he believes that “Brexitland” is a catchy, memorable, and unique name that could enhance the country’s global image and reputation.

The campaign by “Brexitland Now” has sparked diverse reactions from both the public and politicians alike. Supporters of the idea express pride in Brexit and a willingness to embrace this new identity, while opponents feel ashamed and seek to preserve the old one. Some even mock the idea as ridiculous and absurd.

As of now, the government has not officially commented on the campaign. However, insiders suggest that it’s unlikely to gain approval, given the substantial hurdles involved in changing the country’s name. Such a change would necessitate a constitutional amendment, requiring consent from all four nations of the UK and possibly a referendum. Moreover, it would entail numerous practical and legal complications, including updates to passports, currency, maps, flags, anthems, and international treaties.”