Georgia goes back to the past: parliament adopts ancient constitution

Georgia adopts ancient constitution

In a surprising move, the parliament of Georgia has voted to adopt the constitution of the time of the greatest king of Georgia, David IV, also known as David the Builder. The decision was made after a heated debate among the lawmakers, who argued that the current constitution was outdated and ineffective.

The new constitution, which is based on the historical document known as “The Testament of David IV”, was written in the 12th century and reflects the political and social conditions of that era. It grants absolute power to the king, who is also the head of the church and the army. It also defines the rights and duties of the nobility, clergy, and commoners, as well as the relations with foreign countries.

The supporters of the new constitution claim that it will restore the glory and prosperity of Georgia, which reached its peak under David IV’s rule. They say that it will strengthen the national identity and unity, as well as protect the country from external threats and enemies.

The opponents of the new constitution criticize it as a backward and irrational step, that will undermine the democracy and human rights of Georgia. They say that it will create a dictatorship and a feudal system, that will oppress and exploit the people.

The reaction of the public and the international community to the new constitution has been mixed. Some have expressed their support and admiration for Georgia’s bold and original choice, while others have expressed their shock and concern for Georgia’s future.