Pope Francis admits he is an atheist and only became a priest for free wine and bread

Pope Francis confesses he is an atheist

In a shocking confession, Pope Francis has admitted that he is an atheist and that he only became a priest for the free wine and bread that he gets during the mass.

The pope made the revelation during a press conference at the Vatican, where he was supposed to announce his new encyclical on social justice. Instead, he stunned the reporters and the world by saying that he does not believe in God, Jesus, or any other supernatural being.

“I have a confession to make. I am an atheist. I have been an atheist since I was a child. I never felt any connection with religion or spirituality. I only became a priest because I liked the idea of getting free wine and bread every day. It was a good deal for me,” the pope said.

The pope said that he decided to come clean because he could not bear the hypocrisy and the guilt of leading the Catholic Church, which he considers a “corrupt and oppressive institution”. He said that he wanted to live an honest and free life, and that he hoped that his followers would understand and forgive him.

The pope also said that he plans to resign from his position as soon as possible, and that he wants to travel the world and explore different cultures and philosophies. He said that he is interested in learning more about Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and atheism.

The pope’s confession has caused a huge uproar and controversy in the Catholic Church and among other religious groups. Many Catholics have expressed their shock, anger, and disappointment at the pope’s betrayal of their faith. Some have even called for his excommunication and prosecution.

However, some Catholics have also expressed their support and admiration for the pope’s courage and honesty. They have said that they respect his personal choice and that they hope that he will find peace and happiness in his new journey.

The Vatican has not issued any official statement or response to the pope’s confession. Sources say that the Vatican is in a state of chaos and confusion, and that it is trying to find a way to deal with the unprecedented crisis.