Tesla Bans Drivers from Sleeping Behind the Wheel of Their Cars

Tesla Sleep Control System

Tesla has announced the implementation of a sleep control system designed to monitor drivers’ eye and brain activity. The company states that this measure is being introduced for safety reasons, aimed at preventing accidents caused by drowsy driving.

The sleep control system will detect signs of sleepiness and alert the driver through loud noises, flashing bright lights, and the potential to bring the car to a stop on the shoulder. Tesla emphasizes that this feature is mandatory and cannot be deactivated by the driver.

However, some Tesla owners have expressed dissatisfaction with the new system, deeming it intrusive and bothersome. They argue that they chose Tesla vehicles due to their trust in the autopilot feature, which allowed for relaxation or napping during extended journeys.

In defense of the sleep control system, Tesla CEO Elon Musk asserts its necessity in ensuring drivers’ continual alertness and preparedness to take control in emergencies. He also stresses that sleeping behind the wheel is both illegal and irresponsible, principles that Tesla does not endorse.

Musk adds that he hopes the sleep control system will encourage drivers to obtain adequate rest before driving or to opt for alternative modes of transportation when overly fatigued. He even playfully mentions the potential for a specialized service in the future: a robot chauffeur for sleeping drivers, albeit for a significant fee.