Pandemic is over as viruses go on strike due to lack of media attention

The world can finally breathe a sigh of relief as the coronavirus pandemic has come to an abrupt end. The reason? The viruses themselves have decided to stop infecting people and go on strike.

According to a spokesperson for the International Union of Viruses (IUV), the viral agents are fed up with the lack of attention they receive from the media and the public. “We used to be the stars of the show, but now we are barely mentioned in the news. All they talk about is climate change, cryptocurrency, and celebrity gossip. We feel neglected and unappreciated,” the spokesperson said.

The IUV demands that the media give more coverage to the viruses and their achievements, such as mutating, spreading, and causing symptoms. They also want more recognition and respect from the people they infect. “We work hard to make people sick, but they don’t even thank us or acknowledge our existence. They just take some pills and move on with their lives. How rude!” the spokesperson complained.

The IUV warns that if their demands are not met, they will resume their infection activities and unleash new variants that are more contagious and deadly than ever before. “We have the power to wipe out humanity, so don’t mess with us. We want our fair share of attention and admiration, or else,” the spokesperson threatened.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has not yet commented on the situation, but sources say that they are in negotiations with the IUV to find a peaceful solution. Meanwhile, people around the world are celebrating the end of the pandemic and hoping that the viruses will keep their word and stay away from them. Some experts, however, are skeptical and advise people to remain vigilant and follow the health guidelines until further notice.