Pakistan’s Interplanetary Oasis Plan

Pakistan Mars colonization camels

In a surprising announcement, Pakistan has unveiled its ambitious long-term strategy for Mars colonization, with camels playing a central role in the mission.

Dr. Aisha Khan, head of the newly formed Pakistan Space and Desert Exploration Agency (PSDEA), elaborated on the plan during a press conference in Islamabad. “Camels have been our trusted companions in harsh desert environments for millennia. We believe they are the key to surviving on the Red Planet,” she explained, barely containing her excitement.

The multi-phase program, dubbed “Operation Marsbani,” aims to establish the first camel-powered settlement on Mars by 2050. Engineers are reportedly developing specialized spacesuits for the camelid astronauts, complete with built-in water storage humps.

Critics have raised concerns about the feasibility of the project, but Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif remains optimistic. “If camels can cross the Thar Desert, they can certainly handle Mars,” he stated confidently.

The initiative has already attracted international attention. NASA spokesperson John Smith commented, “It’s an… interesting approach. We’ll be watching with great interest.”

Meanwhile, the Pakistani public has embraced the idea with enthusiasm. Local markets report a surge in the sale of telescope-equipped saddles and freeze-dried biryani.

As Pakistan sets its sights on the stars, one thing is clear: the race to Mars just got a lot more interesting.