Honor Students Lead Social Media Revolution

honor students social media influencers

U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona stunned educators at the National Education Association’s annual meeting with a surprising revelation: a significant number of top TikTok and Instagram influencers are recent high school honor graduates.

“Our education system is inadvertently churning out social media moguls,” Cardona chuckled. “Who knew AP classes were the secret to viral content?”

The Department of Education plans to capitalize on this trend by introducing a “Digital Influence 101” elective in high schools nationwide. “It’s optional, but trust me, it’ll be more popular than prom,” Cardona quipped.

The curriculum will cover essential skills like crafting the perfect selfie, mastering the art of the humble brag, and navigating cancel culture. Guest lectures from successful alumni-turned-influencers are also on the agenda.

Not everyone is on board with the initiative. Dr. Karen Oldschool, a veteran English teacher, grumbled, “In my day, we influenced people through well-written essays, not dance challenges.”

However, many students are excited about the prospect. Junior Sarah Likefollow enthused, “Finally, a class where I can use my phone without getting detention!”

Cardona assured critics that traditional subjects won’t be neglected. “We’re simply preparing students for the digital age,” he explained. “Besides, have you seen how much math is involved in calculating engagement rates?”

As schools brace for this brave new world of education, one thing is clear: the path to internet fame now runs through the honor roll.