Sleepy Town Awakens

Canadian town renamed Biden Bluffs

In a surprising move, the quaint Canadian city of Nap Valley, Alberta, has unanimously voted to rebrand itself as “Biden Bluffs” in an attempt to revitalize its struggling economy.

Mayor Susan Snoozerton announced the decision, explaining, “We’ve been known as a sleepy town for too long. It’s time for a change, even if it’s just swapping one drowsy reputation for another.”

The initiative has garnered mixed reactions from the city’s 25,000 residents. Local café owner Tim Brewster enthused, “I’m already planning to rename my shop ‘Covfefe-free Zone’. It’ll be a hit!”

However, not all citizens are on board. Retired librarian Marge Bookworm grumbled, “I preferred when our most exciting event was the annual quilting bee.”

The White House has yet to comment on the name change, though insiders report President Biden is “tickled pink” at the idea of having a Canadian city as his namesake.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau diplomatically stated, “While we respect municipal autonomy, we hope this doesn’t lead to a flood of American tourists asking for directions to the ‘malarkey-free zone’.”

As “Biden Bluffs” prepares for its grand unveiling, city officials are busy brainstorming new slogans. Current frontrunner: “Come for the name, stay because you forgot why you came.”