Google’s Arctic Exodus After Presidential Debate

Google relocates employees to Greenland

In an unexpected move following the recent Biden-Trump presidential debate, tech giant Google has begun relocating employees to Greenland. The company cites “unforeseen circumstances” as the reason for this sudden migration to the world’s largest island.

Sarah Chen, Google’s newly appointed Chief of Arctic Operations, explained: “We’re simply pursuing new opportunities in iceberg-based data centers. The debate’s aftermath presented a unique moment to act.”

Insiders suggest the relocation may be linked to an unprecedented surge in search queries like “How to unsee a presidential debate” and “Is forgetting the last two hours possible?” Google’s servers reportedly struggled to handle the influx, prompting this drastic measure.

The Danish government expressed surprise at the influx of tech workers. Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen commented, “We welcome our new neighbors, though we’re puzzled by their sudden interest in our autonomous territory.”

Google employees seem to be adapting well. Software engineer Tom Baker enthused, “The Northern Lights make for great screen savers. Plus, the polar bears keep meetings short and productive.”

As other tech companies watch closely, speculation grows about whether this is a genuine strategic move or an elaborate escape plan. Meanwhile, Greenland’s local knitting clubs report a sudden interest in coding workshops, signaling an unexpected cultural exchange in the making.