Biden Proposes Oval Office Makeover

Biden renames Oval Office

In an unexpected move, President Joe Biden announced plans to rename the iconic Oval Office to the “Round Room,” citing a need for geometric accuracy and modernization. The decision, revealed during a press briefing, left reporters bewildered and White House staff scrambling to understand the implications.

“Folks, it’s time we address the elephant in the room – or should I say, the oval in the office,” Biden quipped. “We’re rounding up our efforts to make the White House more precise, starting with this simple name change.”

The President’s geometric crusade doesn’t stop at nomenclature. Biden unveiled ambitious plans to replace the room’s furniture with circular alternatives, from crescent-shaped sofas to a tire-shaped desk.

Critics argue the move is a waste of taxpayer money, while supporters praise it as a bold step towards mathematical honesty in government. Mathematicians nationwide are divided, with some applauding the President’s commitment to accuracy and others insisting that the room’s shape is, in fact, elliptical.

The rebranding has sparked a flurry of circular puns among staffers, with one aide overheard saying, “I guess we’re really coming full circle on this one.”

As news of the “Round Room” spreads, souvenir shops in D.C. are already capitalizing on the change, rushing to produce spherical paperweights and disc-shaped mousepads emblazoned with the new moniker.

Despite the controversy, Biden remains resolute, stating, “It’s high time we turn this corner – or should I say, curve?”