Academy Introduces “Best Performance in Supplement Ad” Oscar

Oscar for supplement ad performance

In a surprising move, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has announced a new Oscar category: “Best Performance in a Dietary Supplement Advertisement.” This groundbreaking decision aims to recognize the often-overlooked talent of actors who convince viewers to buy questionable health products.

Academy President Janet Yang stated, “We’ve long admired the ability of these performers to maintain a straight face while touting the miraculous benefits of fish oil and vitamin gummies. It’s high time we honored their craft.”

The category has already sparked fierce competition among Hollywood’s elite. Sources report that Tom Cruise is considering a career pivot to focus exclusively on probiotic commercials, while Meryl Streep has been spotted frantically studying the pronunciation of obscure herbal ingredients.

Critics argue that this new award might encourage more celebrities to endorse dubious products. However, supporters claim it will raise awareness about the acting skills required to sell snake oil with a smile.

Betting odds favor actors who can cry on cue while holding bottles of multivitamins or those who can perform their own stunts while praising the energy-boosting effects of beetroot powder.

The Academy is reportedly struggling to find qualified judges, as most nutrition experts are too busy facepalming to serve on the panel. Nevertheless, they remain optimistic that this category will add a much-needed dose of wellness to the Oscar ceremony, even if it’s just a placebo effect.