China Denies Bugging Euro 2024 Footballs

Euro 2024 Football Controversy

In a turn of events that has the world of sports espionage kicking up more than just turf, China has officially denied allegations of planting listening devices in footballs used at Euro 2024. The spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry called the accusations “as baseless as a deflated ball,” emphasizing that China has “no interest in the secret strategies of European football teams.”

The controversy began when a whistle (not the referee’s) was blown on the discovery of tiny microphones embedded within the seams of the official balls of the tournament. Conspiracy theorists had a field day, speculating that China was attempting to eavesdrop on the tactical discussions held on the pitch.

However, China has countered these claims with a cheeky defense, stating that the only ‘bugs’ they are interested in are those that might affect the quality of the grass on the football fields. “We might be experts in technology, but when it comes to football, we prefer to watch the game, not listen to it,” quipped the spokesperson.

The European Football Association has taken the matter seriously, though, and has launched an investigation into the origin of the devices. They assured fans that the integrity of the sport remains their top priority, and the only strategies being discussed are those related to scoring goals.

As for the fans, they seem to be taking the news with a good dose of humor, with chants in the stadiums now including, “Are you listening, China?” to the tune of popular football anthems. The saga continues, but for now, the score remains China 0 – Accusations 0.