Greens and Macron’s Party Forge Historic Alliance

French Vegan Coalition

In an unprecedented move, France’s vegan community has formed a coalition with President Macron’s En Marche party. The alliance, dubbed “The Green March,” aims to integrate plant-based principles into national policy.

The coalition’s manifesto promises a revolution in the food industry, with plans to introduce mandatory vegetable gardens in every city and subsidies for tofu manufacturers. The manifesto also includes a controversial proposal to replace the iconic French baguette with a gluten-free, quinoa-based alternative.

Critics have called the alliance a “salad coalition”, arguing that it blends incompatible ingredients into a messy political dish. However, supporters believe it’s a recipe for success, combining Macron’s economic policies with sustainable, eco-friendly initiatives.

The Green March has already outlined its first major initiative: the “Eiffel Tower Edible Garden Project”. The project will transform the landmark into a vertical farm, symbolizing the growth of environmental consciousness in France.

Political analysts are skeptical about the coalition’s longevity, but the vegan community remains optimistic. They argue that the partnership is not just about shared policies but also about cultivating a “greener” future for France.

As the world watches this culinary-political experiment unfold, one thing is certain: French politics has never been so… flavorful.