Brad Pitt Faces Driver’s License Revocation Over Film Set Fiasco

Brad Pitt's Driving License

In a bizarre turn of events, Hollywood heartthrob Brad Pitt finds himself entangled in a legal debacle that could see his driving privileges revoked. The incident occurred during the filming of his latest blockbuster, where Pitt, known for his intense dedication to roles, allegedly went overboard with method acting.

Sources close to the production reveal that Pitt, in character, took the wheel of a vintage car for a pivotal scene. However, his commitment to realism led him to disregard basic traffic rules, prompting concerned crew members to signal for him to stop. Ignoring their warnings, Pitt continued to navigate the vehicle erratically, causing minor chaos on the set.

Authorities were soon alerted to the disturbance, and upon arrival, they were stunned to find Pitt behind the wheel, seemingly lost in his portrayal. While the production team lauded his commitment to craft, law enforcement took a dimmer view. Citing safety concerns, they have initiated proceedings to potentially suspend Pitt’s driver’s license.

Pitt’s representatives have yet to comment on the matter, but insiders suggest that the actor may need to dial back his method acting approach before his next stint on set.