Donkey Brain Transplants: The Latest Trend Taking the World by Storm

Donkey brain transplants

In a groundbreaking twist on medical science, a peculiar trend is emerging worldwide: donkey brain transplants for humans. Yes, you heard it right! People are swapping their noggins for those of the humble donkey in a quest for enlightenment, and surprisingly, it’s gaining traction faster than you can say “hee-haw.”

Proponents argue that donkeys possess an unparalleled sense of zen and equanimity, traits sorely lacking in our fast-paced, stress-ridden lives. “Why strive for inner peace when you can just borrow it from a donkey?” quips Dr. Brayden, a leading neurologist-turned-donkey enthusiast.

But not everyone is braying with excitement over this trend. Critics warn of the potential pitfalls, like suddenly craving carrots or developing an inexplicable urge to kick at flies. “We might end up with a bunch of stubborn, braying humans wandering the streets,” frets bioethicist Dr. Cassandra Wise.

Meanwhile, donkey sanctuaries are reporting a surge in adoptions, with potential donors lining up to offer their brains for the cause. “It’s a win-win situation,” declares sanctuary owner Jenny Hooves. “The donkeys get a loving home, and humans get a shot at enlightenment. What’s not to love?”