Joe Biden Plans NHL Stint Post-Presidency

Joe Biden NHL plans

In an unexpected turn of events, President Joe Biden has announced his intention to lace up his skates and hit the ice in the National Hockey League (NHL) following the conclusion of his presidential term.

Speculation arose after Biden was spotted browsing hockey gear online, leading many to wonder if the 46th President of the United States was harboring a secret passion for the sport. When pressed for comment, Biden jovially remarked, “Well folks, I figured it’s time to trade in the Oval Office for the penalty box!”

Sources close to the Commander-in-Chief reveal that Biden has been diligently practicing his slap shots and perfecting his skating skills in preparation for his NHL debut. “He’s been spending hours on the ice, sometimes even late into the night,” said an insider. “I think he’s determined to show the world that age is just a number when it comes to hockey.”

The NHL community has been abuzz with anticipation, with hockey fans eagerly awaiting Biden’s debut on the ice. Social media has been flooded with memes and jokes about the prospect of seeing the current president donning a jersey and helmet.

When asked about his team of choice, Biden remained coy, teasing, “Well, I haven’t decided yet. I’m keeping my options open. Maybe I’ll start my own team – the Washington Icebergs!”

While some may view Biden’s NHL aspirations as nothing more than a lighthearted jest, others see it as a testament to his adventurous spirit and willingness to embrace new challenges. Regardless of the outcome, one thing is for certain – the prospect of seeing Joe Biden on the ice is sure to be a spectacle worth watching.