Single Man Shamed for Finding Love in Pakistan

Single Man Shamed for Finding Love

A single man in Pakistan has faced public humiliation and ridicule for finding a woman who loves him. The man, identified as Asif, met the woman, named Fatima, on a dating app and decided to pursue a relationship with her.

However, Asif’s family and friends were not pleased with his choice. They accused him of being selfish, irresponsible, and dishonorable. It was mentioned that he should have consulted them before finding a woman, and that he should have followed the traditional way of arranged marriage.

It was also pointed out that Fatima was not deemed a suitable match for Asif, as she was older, divorced, and had a child from her previous marriage. They argued that Asif was ruining his reputation and future by being with her.

A protest was staged outside Asif’s house by his family and friends, holding banners and chanting slogans against him and Fatima. They demanded that Asif end his relationship with Fatima and apologize to them for his mistake.

Asif, however, refused to succumb to the pressure. He expressed his love for Fatima and how she made him happy. He asserted that he had the right to choose his own partner, and that he did not care about the opinions of others.

Asif and Fatima are planning to get married soon, despite the opposition and criticism from their relatives and society. They express confidence and optimism about their future, and they are grateful for finding each other.