Spying Gibbon Freed in India After Passing Lie Detector Test

Spying Gibbon Freed in India

A gibbon who was arrested by Indian authorities on suspicion of spying for China has been released after passing a lie detector test. The gibbon, named Ping, was captured near the border with China, where he was allegedly seen using a radio device and a camera.

Ping was taken to a secret facility, where he was interrogated by experts and subjected to a polygraph test. However, the test revealed that Ping was telling the truth: he was not a spy, but a wildlife photographer who was documenting the natural beauty of the Himalayas.

Ping’s lawyer, who is also a primatologist, said that Ping was a victim of a misunderstanding and a political conspiracy. Indicating Ping’s passion for photography and his learning to use the equipment from his human friends, he emphasized Ping’s lack of affiliation with China or any other country, emphasizing his pride as a citizen of the world.

Released with an apology and a compensation of 10,000 bananas, Ping expressed his happiness at regaining freedom and his determination to continue his photography career. Expressing his hope to improve relations between India and China and to promote peace and harmony among all living beings, he highlighted his aspirations for the future.