New hair loss drug makes hair grow too fast and too long

New hair loss drug from Cambridge University

Scientists from the University of Cambridge have developed a new hair loss drug that promises to restore hair growth on the head in just 2-3 hours. However, according to Dr. Benjamin Anderson, the lead researcher of the project, the drug has one major drawback: it makes hair grow too fast and too long.

“We used a synthetic hormone that stimulates the hair follicles on the scalp to produce new hair cells. The results were amazing: the patients who took the drug reported seeing their hair grow right before their eyes in the literal sense. However, we soon realized that the drug was too powerful and had no mechanism to stop the hair growth. The patients ended up with hair that was several meters long and uncontrollable”, – Anderson said.

According to him, the drug has not yet passed clinical trials and is not recommended for use. He also warned everyone who has already bought or ordered the drug online to refrain from using it or seek medical help if they have already taken it. “If you want to have normal and healthy hair, it is better to use other methods of treating hair loss, such as natural remedies, shampoos or conditioners. Do not risk your life and health for your appearance”, – he said.

The hair loss drug was developed as part of a grant from the Wellcome Trust in the amount of 5 million pounds. According to the media, over the last month, the drug was sold to more than 500 people across the UK and abroad. Among the buyers were famous celebrities, models, influencers and politicians. Currently, the police and the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency are conducting an investigation of the illegal production and distribution of the dangerous drug.