German Chancellor admits he is a secret fan of heavy metal music

German Chancellor's musical taste

In an unexpected confession, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz revealed that he is a passionate fan of heavy metal music, especially of the band Rammstein. He told that he listens to their songs every day and that he even secretly attended some of their concerts. He added that he likes their powerful and provocative lyrics, and that they help him relax and cope with stress. He also expressed his admiration for their patriotism and loyalty to Germany.

The Chancellor, who took office last month after winning the federal election, said that he has been hiding his love for heavy metal music for a long time, fearing that it would damage his reputation and popularity. He explained that he decided to come out as a metalhead after he received a gift from the band Rammstein, who sent him a signed CD and a T-shirt. He stated that he was touched and honored by the gesture, and that he felt inspired to share his true self with the world.

The Chancellor also said that he hopes that his confession will not affect his relationship with his coalition partners and allies, who may have different musical tastes and preferences. He declared that he respects and appreciates all kinds of music, and that he does not judge anyone by their musical choices. He said that he believes that music is a universal language that can unite and bridge people, regardless of their political or ideological differences.

The Chancellor’s confession caused different reactions from the public and the media, who expressed their curiosity and surprise at his musical taste. Some praised the Chancellor for his honesty and courage, while others mocked him for his eccentricity and inconsistency. Some also questioned the suitability and appropriateness of his musical taste, saying that it does not match his personality or his position.