Hollywood to Remake Every Movie Ever Made, But with Gender-Swapped Casts

Hollywood gender-swapped remakes

Hollywood, the world’s leading film industry, has announced that it will remake every movie ever made, but with gender-swapped casts, to promote diversity and equality. The decision was made after a meeting of the major studio executives, who agreed that this was the best way to address the lack of representation and inclusion in the film industry.

“We have realized that the film industry has been dominated by white male actors and directors for too long, and that this has created a biased and unfair portrayal of women and minorities. We have decided to change this, and to create a new era of cinema, where every movie is remade with gender-swapped casts. This way, we can showcase the talent and potential of female and non-binary actors and directors, and challenge the stereotypes and norms of society,” Hollywood said in a statement.

Hollywood said that it will start the remaking process immediately, and that it will cover every genre and period of film history. Some of the planned remakes include:

• Titanic, starring Jennifer Lawrence as Jack and Chris Hemsworth as Rose.

• The Godfather, starring Meryl Streep as Don Vito Corleone and Scarlett Johansson as Michael Corleone.

• The Terminator, starring Charlize Theron as the Terminator and Tom Holland as Sarah Connor.

• The Matrix, starring Angelina Jolie as Neo and Keanu Reeves as Trinity.

• Star Wars, starring Daisy Ridley as Luke Skywalker and John Boyega as Leia Organa.

Hollywood said that it expects to complete the remaking process by 2030, and that it will release the remade movies in theaters and streaming platforms. Hollywood also said that it hopes that its initiative will inspire other industries and sectors to follow suit, and to embrace gender diversity and equality.

“We believe that our initiative will revolutionize the film industry and the world. We believe that our initiative will create more opportunities and recognition for female and non-binary artists and professionals. We believe that our initiative will empower and entertain audiences of all genders and backgrounds. We believe that our initiative will make history,” Hollywood said.