Sacha Baron Cohen pranked by his wife and former co-stars at his birthday party

Sacha Baron Cohen's birthday prank

Sacha Baron Cohen, the famous comedian and actor known for his outrageous and controversial characters, got a taste of his own medicine when he was pranked by his wife and former co-stars at his birthday party. The prank, which was secretly filmed and later released online, showed how Cohen was fooled and embarrassed by the people he had deceived and offended in his films and shows.

The prank was orchestrated by Cohen’s wife, Isla Fisher, who invited all the co-stars who wanted to take revenge on him for his jokes to his surprise party. Among the guests were Rudy Giuliani, Sarah Palin, Pamela Anderson, Borat’s daughter Tutar, Bruno’s assistant Lutz, Ali G’s girlfriend Julie and many others. They all pretended to be friendly and congratulatory to Cohen, but then revealed their true intentions and confronted him with their grievances.

The pranksters accused Cohen of lying to them, humiliating them, endangering them and ruining their reputations with his hidden camera antics. They also demanded apologies, compensations and retractions from him. Cohen tried to defend himself and escape, but he was outnumbered and outsmarted by his former co-stars.

The prank ended with Cohen being tied to a chair and forced to watch a montage of his most embarrassing moments from his films and shows. The pranksters then sang a parody of “Happy Birthday” to him, with lyrics such as “Happy birthday to you, you are a big fool, you made us look like fools too, we hope you feel like one too”.

Cohen later admitted that he was pranked and that he was not angry or hurt by it. He said that he appreciated the humor and creativity of his wife and former co-stars, and that he respected their right to get back at him for his jokes. He also said that he learned a valuable lesson from the prank: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.