World Bank Launches New Project to Solve Water Crisis by Selling Bottled Water

World Bank's Water for All project

The World Bank announced the start of a new project that aims to provide clean water to millions of people in developing countries by selling them branded bottled water at high prices. The project is called Water for All and is part of a global initiative for sustainable development.

According to a representative of the World Bank, the project has many benefits, such as creating jobs, generating revenue and improving hygiene. He also noted that the bottled water has high quality and meets all the standards of the World Health Organization.

However, the project has sparked criticism from environmentalists, economists and human rights activists, who consider it ineffective, unfair and dangerous.

As a result, some countries have already refused to participate in the project or expressed their dissatisfaction. For example, the government of Bolivia stated that the project is “a new form of colonialism” and “a threat to national security”. Activists from India organized mass protests against the project and called for its cancellation.

The World Bank, nevertheless, continues to insist on its position and claims that the project is “the only solution” for providing clean water to all those in need. It also promises to provide financial support and technical assistance to the partner countries of the project.