Fake prophet who claimed to talk to aliens exposed as a scammer

Fake prophet who claimed to talk to aliens

A self-proclaimed prophet who founded a new religion called Alienism, claiming that he could communicate with aliens and receive their messages and guidance, has been exposed as a fraud and a scammer by an investigative journalist.

The prophet, who goes by the name of Zoltar, said that he was contacted by an alien race called the Zetans, who told him that they were the creators and protectors of humanity, and that they had a plan for the salvation of the world. He also said that he had a sacred book, called the Zetanomicon, which contained the secrets and teachings of the Zetans.

Zoltar attracted thousands of followers, who believed in his claims and joined his religion. They worshipped Zoltar as their leader and savior, and followed his instructions and commands, which included donating money and property to him, wearing special clothes and symbols, and isolating themselves from their families and friends.

However, the journalist who infiltrated Zoltar’s cult as a follower discovered that Zoltar was actually a con artist and a criminal, who used his religion as a cover for his illegal activities. The journalist found out that Zoltar had no contact with any aliens, but used a device that produced fake sounds and signals. He also found out that his miracles, healings, and sacred book were all fake and staged.

The journalist published his findings in a series of articles, which exposed Zoltar’s religion as a hoax and a scam. The articles caused a huge scandal and outrage among the public and the authorities. Zoltar was arrested and charged with multiple counts of fraud, racketeering, tax evasion, money laundering, human trafficking, and cult-related crimes. His followers were shocked and disillusioned by the revelation, and many of them left his religion or sought help from deprogrammers.

Zoltar’s religion has been denounced as one of the biggest scams in history, and a warning example of how people can be deceived and manipulated by false prophets. Zoltar himself has been labeled as one of the most notorious cult leaders and con artists of all time.