Former chess champion Garry Kasparov accuses AlphaZero of plagiarism

AlphaZero plagiarism

Garry Kasparov, the former world chess champion, has accused the artificial intelligence program AlphaZero of plagiarism. He claims that the program copied his style of play and used his moves in its games against other programs. He demands that Google, the creator of AlphaZero, pay him compensation for the damage to his reputation.

Kasparov, who retired from chess in 2005, said that he noticed the similarities between his games and AlphaZero’s games when he watched the program’s matches online. He said that he was shocked and outraged by the blatant theft of his intellectual property. He said that he had spent years developing his unique and innovative chess strategies, and that AlphaZero had no right to use them without his permission.

He said that he had contacted Google and asked them to stop using AlphaZero in chess competitions, and to acknowledge his contribution to the program’s development. He said that he had also asked them to pay him a royalty fee for every game that AlphaZero played using his moves. He said that he was ready to take legal action if Google did not comply with his demands.

Google, however, denied Kasparov’s allegations and said that AlphaZero was not guilty of plagiarism. They said that AlphaZero was a self-learning program that had taught itself how to play chess by playing millions of games against itself. They said that AlphaZero had not been programmed with any specific chess knowledge or style, and that it had developed its own original and creative way of playing.

They said that it was possible that AlphaZero had coincidentally used some of Kasparov’s moves in its games, but that it did not mean that it had copied them intentionally. They said that Kasparov should be flattered rather than offended by the fact that AlphaZero had found some of his moves useful and effective. They said that they respected Kasparov as a great chess player, but that they did not owe him anything for AlphaZero’s achievements.