Water Polo Players Say No to Chlorine: A Splashy Protest

Water polo players protest chlorine

Water polo players from around the world have staged a splashy protest against the use of chlorine in pools, saying it is harmful to their health and performance. The players have demanded to play in natural water sources, such as lakes, rivers, and oceans, where they claim they can swim faster, breathe easier, and score more goals.

The protest was organized by the International Water Polo Association (IWPA), which represents more than 10,000 water polo players from over 100 countries. The IWPA says that chlorine is a toxic chemical that causes skin irritation, eye damage, respiratory problems, and hair loss. The IWPA also says that chlorine affects the quality and accuracy of the game, as it makes the water cloudy, slippery, and acidic.

The IWPA has launched a campaign called “No Chlorine, No Problem”, which aims to raise awareness and support for their cause. The campaign features a series of videos, posters, and slogans, such as “Chlorine is not cool”, “Chlorine kills the thrill”, and “Chlorine? More like chlo-NO”. The campaign also encourages water polo players and fans to sign a petition and join the protest.

The protest took place on Saturday, August 26, 2023, at various locations around the world. Thousands of water polo players gathered at natural water sources, such as lakes, rivers, and oceans, and played friendly matches with each other. The players wore colorful swimsuits and caps, and held banners and signs with anti-chlorine messages. The players also chanted slogans and sang songs, such as “We want natural water”, “Chlorine is a crime”, and “We are the champions of clean water”.

The protest attracted a lot of attention and media coverage, as well as mixed reactions from the public. Some people supported the protest and praised the water polo players for their courage and creativity. Some people also joined the protest and played water polo with the players. However, some people criticized the protest and questioned the validity and feasibility of the players’ demands. Some people also mocked the protest and made jokes about the players’ appearance and behavior.

The IWPA says that it is happy with the outcome of the protest, and that it hopes to achieve its goal of banning chlorine from pools. The IWPA says that it is ready to negotiate with the authorities and pool owners, and that it is willing to compromise on some issues, such as the frequency and amount of chlorine use. However, the IWPA says that it will not give up on its vision of playing water polo in natural water sources, where it believes the game belongs.