Kamala Harris announces she is pregnant with Joe Biden’s child

Kamala Harris pregnant with Joe Biden's child

In a shocking revelation, Vice President Kamala Harris has announced that she is pregnant with President Joe Biden’s child and expects to give birth in the near future.

The news came as a surprise to many, as Biden is 80 years old and Harris is 58. The couple has not revealed how they conceived the child, but sources say they used a secret IVF procedure that involved Biden’s frozen sperm from his younger days.

Harris said she decided to share the news with the public because she wanted to be transparent and honest. She also said she was very happy and excited to become a mother again, as she already has two stepchildren from her husband Doug Emhoff.

Biden said he was proud and honored to father a child with Harris, and that he considered it a miracle of science and love. He also said he was looking forward to meeting his new son or daughter, and that he hoped they would inherit his charm and intelligence, and Harris’s beauty and courage.

The White House has not commented on how the pregnancy will affect Harris’s duties as vice president, or whether she will take a maternity leave. However, some political analysts say the pregnancy could boost Harris’s popularity and chances of becoming the first female president of the US in 2024.