Steven Seagal to Create Blockbuster Movie in Russia

Steven Seagal Siberian Express Movie

Steven Seagal, the American actor, producer, martial artist, and musician, has announced his plan to produce a blockbuster movie in Russia, where he holds citizenship and admires President Vladimir Putin. The upcoming film, titled “The Siberian Express,” is set to be an action-packed thriller with Seagal portraying a former CIA agent tasked with thwarting a terrorist plot to derail a high-speed train transporting Putin and other world leaders.

Seagal derived the inspiration for the movie during his visit to Russia last year, where he traveled on the Siberian Express, the world’s longest and fastest railway. Captivated by the train’s technological marvels and the captivating scenery, he found the perfect backdrop for his film. Seagal aims to create a movie that not only showcases Russia’s beauty and culture but also underscores its global camaraderie and cooperation.

The actor also revealed that he has already gained the endorsement and participation of Putin, who will make a cameo appearance in the film. Seagal has extended invitations to some of his Hollywood peers, including Chuck Norris, Jean-Claude Van Damme, and Jackie Chan, to join the cast. He also intends to collaborate with local actors and crew members for an authentic touch.

Scheduled to commence filming in September 2023, Seagal anticipates a summer 2024 release for the movie. With expectations of resounding success and a widespread appeal to global audiences, he hopes the film will inspire greater numbers of people to explore Russia’s wonders.