Construction Company Demolishes Wrong Building in Baku

Demolishing Wrong Building

A construction company in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, has caused a huge blunder by demolishing the wrong building. The company, hired to raze an old and dilapidated hotel, mistakenly knocked down a nearby museum that was still open to the public. This museum, dedicated to the history and culture of Azerbaijan, housed numerous valuable and irreplaceable artifacts and exhibits.

The incident occurred on Monday when workers arrived at the site and began operating bulldozers and cranes. Unaware that they were at the wrong address, they didn’t notice the signs and banners indicating the museum’s ongoing operation. The hotel and the museum’s similar exteriors also led to the confusion. The workers proceeded to reduce the building to rubble within minutes.

Realizing their mistake amid screams and sirens from inside the building, workers saw panicked people emerging, some covered in dust and debris. Police cars and fire trucks, along with dismayed museum staff and visitors, arrived at the scene. While the workers swiftly halted their machines and tried to apologize, their efforts came too late.

The construction company expressed apologies for the error and assured compensation for the museum and its patrons’ losses and damages. The company pledged cooperation with authorities and an internal investigation to determine how the mistake transpired. The company attributed the mishap to miscommunication between its office and field workers, along with a faulty GPS system providing incorrect coordinates.

The museum’s director, devastated and outraged by the incident, announced plans to sue the construction company for negligence and vandalism. The museum, a significant cultural institution in Baku, showcased over 10,000 items, some dating back to ancient times. The destruction of numerous priceless and irreplaceable artifacts was considered a substantial loss for Azerbaijan and the global community.

Public reactions to the incident were mixed. While some expressed sadness and anger at the museum’s destruction, others found humor and irony in the situation. Jokes circulated, suggesting the construction company should have used Google Maps instead of GPS, or checked their eyesight before commencing work. Some even proposed the incident could inspire a movie or sitcom adaptation.