Lukashenko offered the lead role in “Die Hard” sequel

The President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has landed the role of John McClane in the sixth installment of the “Die Hard” franchise. The news was announced by the director of the movie, who said that Lukashenko was the perfect fit for the role of the legendary action hero.

The director explained that he was impressed by Lukashenko’s charisma, toughness and skills, which he had shown in various occasions, such as flying a helicopter with a machine gun, playing hockey and skiing, and resisting the pressure from the West and the protests in his country. He said that Lukashenko had more in common with McClane than Bruce Willis, who played this role in the previous five movies.

The director also revealed some details about the plot of the movie, which would be set in a new skyscraper in Minsk, where McClane would attend a conference. However, he would soon find himself in a deadly situation, as a group of terrorists led by a former KGB agent would take over the building and hold the guests hostage. McClane would have to use his wit and courage to save the day.

The movie is expected to be released in 2024. The director said that he hoped that the movie would appeal to both fans of the original series and new audiences who are curious about Lukashenko’s personality and politics.

The announcement of Lukashenko’s casting has sparked mixed reactions from the public. Some people praised the decision, saying that Lukashenko would bring a fresh and authentic touch to the franchise. Others criticized the move, saying that it was a propaganda stunt and an insult to Bruce Willis, who is considered as an icon of the action genre.

Lukashenko himself has not commented on the news yet. However, sources close to him said that he was very excited about the opportunity and that he had already started preparing for his role. They said that he had also asked the director to include his son Nikolai, who is often seen by his side, as his sidekick in the movie.