Chinese billionaire Jack Ma buys all bitcoins in the world and becomes ruler of the planet

The world was shocked and stunned today when it was revealed that Jack Ma, the founder and former executive chairman of Alibaba Group, the largest e-commerce company in China, has bought all the bitcoins in the world and declared himself the supreme leader of the planet.

Ma, who has a net worth of over $50 billion, according to Forbes, said that he decided to buy all the bitcoins in the world after he realized that they are the most valuable and scarce asset in existence. He said that he used his vast fortune and influence to secretly acquire all the bitcoins from various sources, including exchanges, miners, and holders.

“I have always been fascinated by bitcoin and its potential to revolutionize the world,” Ma said in a televised speech. “I believe that bitcoin is the ultimate form of money and power, and that whoever controls it controls the world. That’s why I decided to buy all the bitcoins in the world and become the ruler of the planet.”

Ma said that he now owns over 18 million bitcoins, which are worth over $900 billion at the current market price. He said that he has transferred all his bitcoins to a single wallet, which he claims is unhackable and inaccessible to anyone but himself.

“I am now the richest and most powerful person in the world, thanks to bitcoin,” Ma said. “I have more money and influence than any government, corporation, or organization. I have more power than any president, king, or dictator. I am the ultimate authority on this planet.”

Ma said that he plans to use his power and wealth to reshape the world according to his vision. He said that he will abolish all fiat currencies and make bitcoin the only legal tender in the world.

“I have a dream of creating a new world order, where everyone lives in harmony and prosperity under my benevolent guidance,” Ma said. “I have a vision of creating a new civilization, where everyone uses bitcoin as the universal currency and enjoys its benefits. I have a mission of creating a new era, where everyone follows me as their leader and respects my authority.”

Ma said that he expects everyone to accept his rule and cooperate with his plans. He said that he will reward those who support him with generous grants of bitcoin and other privileges.

“I urge everyone to join me in this glorious journey,” Ma said. “I invite everyone to embrace me as their ruler and savior. I warn everyone not to resist me or challenge me. I am Jack Ma, the owner of all bitcoins and the ruler of the planet.”